Removed VST 2 sdk download (10 December 2013)
Steinberg have asked me to remove the VST2 sdk download from my site.

VST sdk updated to version 3.5.2 (20 September 2013)
I've uploaded my most recent VST 3 translation (still just interfaces unit)

ASIO sdk v1.3.1 (20 January 2012)
Small bug fix in ASIO list class: path variable for items is now set correctly

ASIO sdk v1.3 (14 October 2011)
Added TOpenASIO class to replace OpenASIO dll. Should work in 64bit applications as well now.

ASIO sdk v1.2.1 (3 February 2011)
Fixed the declaration of GetClockSources in IOpenASIO to have a var parameter instead of out.

Delphi VST sdk v2.4.3 (10 May 2010)
The Delphi VST sdk has been updated to be used for 64bit plugins and hosting.

VST 3 sdk update (10 May 2010)
I've uploaded my most recent VST 3 translation. It's just the interfaces unit, but it works for hosting, at least.

Delphi ASIO sdk v1.2 (9 February 2010)
I've updated the Delphi ASIO sdk to the changes in ASIO 2.2.

Movie Diary (3 November 2009)
I've created my first webOS application, a simple movie database.

VST 3 sdk alpha (19 March 2008)
I've uploaded an initial and untested translation of the VST3 sdk to Delphi on the VST page

VST 2.4.2 (8 December 2006)
You can now download the Delphi VST sdk 2.4.2, updated for the changes in VST 2.4 revision 2.

VST 2.4 (29 January 2006)
The Delphi translation of the VST 2.4 sdk can now be downloaded from the VST page. Feel free to send me any comments or bug reports.

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