So what did I actually program in those long long years of aspiring to get my name established among the great of this world (Steve Jobbs, Gandhi, the guy around the corner who makes a killer kebab) ? Well, to be honest I've forgotten a lot of stuff. Probably because they weren't worth the magnetism that kept them stored. So what follows is a list of those things I still (want to) remember.

--- ICE AGE ---

Some unnamed adventure game featuring a Ferrari - Very, very long ago, my brother bought a book about programming games in gw-basic. With it came a diskette (5.25", we had an XT with 2 5.25" diskdrives, 360KB each!) and on that diskette were lots of games. One of those games was a text-based adventure (so no graphics, not that the computer would've shown a lot of graphics anyway). I never quite finished it. But that adventure came with a kit to make your own adventure, so that is exactly what we did. Somehow we did manage to get the player stuck inside a red Ferrari with no way out, but that doesn't matter. It was fun, even if it wasn't exactly programming.

Rect - A little program in Dos, using Turbo Pascal 1 or 2 or 3 (I really don't know). The object was (can you guess it ?) to calculate the surface of a rectangle from the length of the sides. Rocket science, no less ! This was one of the first things I had to program in school, when I was about 14 years old.


Bdraw - The first program I ever declared "finished". This was a tool to draw button images for the paint program I was working on at the time (which was meant to make images for the Civilization clone I wanted to make). All in all, I'm still satisfied with what I achieved then. It was written in Turbo Pascal 7 for DOS. It had 256 color support and a zoom function !

F-Draw - Although this was never finished, it still taught me a lot of things, about programming and about drawing on a computer screen. I started this in Turbo C, but because I couldn't find out how to save and load files, I switched to Turbo Pascal (at which point development went remarkably faster).

The Valley Lite - The Valley was an idea of a friend of mine, Tim Heirman. It never got finished, but the lite version (meant to try out some stuff before doing the real program) was my first real attempt at programming for Windows. I used Turbo Pascal for Windows 1.5 and its OWL class library. I learned a lot from this project.

--- HISTORY ---

Xoog - This project was started in 1996, when my brother said : "I need you to make a very simple little program". Historic words. Basically, he wanted a good editor for his Yamaha DB-50XG synth card. It still isn't finished, although it isn't exactly dead yet either (just sleeping very deeply, waiting to make a miraculous comeback).

Components - Since I started to use Delphi, I made a number of components. I started of course with an aboutbox component (which seems to be what everyone was doing at the time). Up till now I've made, amongst others, the following components : fader, wheel, midi in/out, property info reader and a better listbox.

Squarize, Puncher, ... - Once I got the VST sdk, I created various little plugins. Delphi VST sdk 1.x and 2.0.x And of course, let's not forget I translated the VST sdk versions 1 and 2 from C++ to ObjectPascal (Delphi), the main reason for this site (apart from some occasional ramblings).

DirectX plugin host for FruityLoops/FL Studio - Between July 1999 and January 2000 I translated all the DirectMedia stuff in the MS platform sdk and wrote a host for DX audio plugins in Delphi. This is used in FruityLoops (now called FL Studio).

FruityTracks 2.0 - FruityTracks doesn't really exist anymore. It had derivatives that were distributed by other companies, including Radio538 Music Machine, ProDJ, Packard Bell Music St@tion and X-Session Music St@tion. I moved the project from Delphi 3 to 5 at version 1.5 and developed version 2.0 from that.

Realspeak for Blokken 3 - Blokken 3 is a game derived from a tv quiz show in Belgium. For the latest version, I helped with the text-to-speech support (translation of the interface from C++ mostly), so the questions are read to the user by a computerized voice. Realspeak was made by Lernout & Hauspie (and we decided to use it before that company was in this much trouble).

Plucked! plugin for Fruityloops 3 - Together with Gol, I made this plugin, that is included with FL 3. The Plucked!, and you might have guessed already from the name, is a plucked string generator. It really sounds very nice, even moreso after Gol got his hands on the sourcecode.

Delphi Asio sdk - This is something I translated in co-operation with Martin Fay and Joerg Stelkens. Seems like a nice complement to the vst sdk translation. And of course it jumpstarted asio support within Fruityloops (from version 3.3 on).

Fruity wrapper with VSTi and DXi support - A Fruityloops plugin that hosts other plugins (VST and VST2 effects, VSTi, DX effects, DXi). It can also use DR008 plugins, but because of licensing difficulties this won't actually be implemented in the release version. But it was a nice exercise nonetheless. And now it also includes FXB/FXP preset import and export. It's an ongoing project, so I'll never be able to declare it finished (aargh!).

Can't Stop - Originally this was a little board game by Sid Sackson. I made a computer game out of it (although I'm certainly not the first to do so) using Kylix (I might have been the first one here). I got to know about this game when someone contacted me on ICQ to ask if I would teach him a bit of Delphi. He had to make a version of this game for a programming class he was taking and he felt he could use some more explanation/expertise (and he did pass the exam with flying colours, fyi). I originally made this for Linux, using Kylix. Now there's also a Windows version, compiled with Delphi 6.

Wasp VSTi 2 - This is a VST version of the Wasp plugin (of which a demo is included with Fruityloops). You can download the demo and even purchase it at the PluginSpot. Version 2 adds more stability and an fx panel. And a lot of presets. Fruity VST Pack Three plugins previously only available inside Fruityloops. I made VST versions of them. Not all that much work, but fun to do. And hopefully there will actually be some people who use them.

OSS Header translation - Not that big a project, but it does mean I'll be able to make sound in my very own Linux programs written with Kylix. I should still translate Alsa some day, but for now I'll stick to OSS.

Fruity DX10 & DX10 VSTi - A Fruityloops version of the mda DX10, with some extras. It was followed by a VSTi version of the Fruityloops version, which might seem backwards but actually makes sense.

Wasp DXi & DX10 DXi - My first two DXi plugins, I'm quite proud of this. All with some help from Martin Fay, who'll be releasing his Vaz2001 (standalone, VSTi and DXi) soon.

DrumSynth Live - A Drumsynth plugin based on an engine by Paul Kellett (mda), for use in Fruityloops. There will be VSTi and DXi versions at some point in the future.

New version of SimSynth Live - A bugfixed version of this Fruityloops plugin with a new interface. There are also VSTi and DXi versions of it so you can use it in just about any (Windows) sequencer program and many others.

FL Studio VSTi/DXi - These are the single and multi out VSTi and DXi versions of FL Studio.

Dashboard for Fruityloops - This is a nice little plugin that allows one to design an interface to be used with a midi device or as an internal controller. It'll have to grow a bit in future versions, but it's very nice already.

Diagnostic for FL Studio - This is a little program that will check your system to determine if there's anything that could be causing problems when working with Fruityloops (oops, FL Studio). Also a tool that will be updated a lot as time passes.

FL Keys - A sample-based piano plugin for FL Studio, based on the mda Piano and ePiano plugins by Paul Kellett.

FL Slayer - A Fruity adaptation of the Slayer guitar plugin

ReWired & FL ReWire - These are the FL Studio ReWire host and device, respectively, allowing to use ReWire applications together with FL Studio.

Collab - An irc-like chat program with the possibility to share (FL Studio) songs and the accompanying server. It was stopped around new years 2009.

ILReg - registration system for all IL applications to replace ASProtect.


Movie Diary - a simple movie database for webOS.

IL Content Library - two programs (selector and download manager) to get extra content for FL Studio and other IL applications and plugins.

Utilities - lots of small programs to help create installers (mostly).

--- FUTURE! ---

Of course I haven't stopped programming, so here's some of the stuff I'm either working on or thinking of starting to.

webOS apps - I'm thinking of making a database app for it. I'd also like to have a good desktop sync solution, but this is more complicated than I can handle at the moment.

Xoog - Put simply, an application that will control your external MIDI gear. My first music application ever, but it didn't get finished for various reasons. Might still get restarted some day.

neos - My very own operating system. This will normally never get finished, but the dream lives on... And this way I won't forget about it.

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