8 December - Video capture is becoming more and more common for me now. It reminds me of the time I had bought my first cdrw drive. I had to get used to everything that was necessary to write a cdr without problems and get to know all the quirks of the bundled software. It's exactly the same now. For example, Adobe Premiere always finds some reason not to want to capture more than half an hour of video.

5 December - It's getting colder again, after a few days of relatively warm weather. It rained a bit so no-one probably noticed the higher temperature. It's "Sinterklaas" in the Netherlands, here in Belgium we have to wait until tomorrow. Sinterklaas is sort of like Santa Claus (the names are similar), the kids love him cause they get a lot of candy and presents. He's being squeezed between Santa Claus on one side and (new in Belgium this year) Halloween on the other. I saw the first Christmas decorations around half November already. And just now I've heard about a store that has started with Easter decorations already. It's a crazy world out there. Maybe I should start my own holiday.

3 December - I've discovered why I didn't get any sound when recording video: Windows was configured to record through the microfone input. Of course I blame Windows (I couldn't possibly come to the conclusion that it was my mistake, could I). And as is usually the case, now there's another problem capturing video: I've hit the 4GB filesize limit. Guess I'll have to get a 64-bit cpu as soon as possible.

2 December - Last month of the year. I now own my own place. Not too big, but I've lived in places that were a lot smaller. I think I'm going to like it there. Of course now I'll have to paint the walls and buy furniture and move all my stuff there and ... Why did I actually buy that thing again ? In the meantime I'm trying out my new video capture card. I need to get some sound into the .avi files I capture, but other than that it's working out great.

29 November - One day before I'll (officially) buy an apartment and get the keys. After about 3 months of waiting it's finally going to happen. The downside of course is that I'll have no money left, but I'll get my own place to live in return. I guess it's a fair deal. I am getting a bit nervous though. Also the end of the year is coming closer. I'll have to think about doing something special with the website. Hmm ... an idea has sprung to life.

28 November - I think I didn't mention it before, but I bought a Playstation 2 last month. The main reason was that I wanted a DVD player and it seemed nice to get one that could play games as well. Overall I'm quite happy with it. It loads games rather fast and I'm sure that they won't crash. Movies are of course crystal clear because of DVD. A downside is that games are more difficult to play. I am after all used to a PC keyboard and not to a Dual Shock controller (probably should put (TM) somewhere in that sentence). Another problem is that it can make quite a lot of noise. But then again, so do my computers.

27 November - I've been working a lot on the website recently, but you won't notice all that many changes. Reason is that I've installed a new version (beta) of E-Officedirect and it had some problems getting my site working as I expected it. So I've once again changed the site's template (lots of new ones to choose from). I hope you like the one I picked. I've also managed to get a stable Kylix on my Linux dev machine. Turns out starting from a new user was a nice idea, which enforces the idea that I screwed up my XFree or KDE configuration a bit as the other user. Live and learn I guess.

20 November - I'm quite active updating the website these days, although most changes are cosmetical. Most (all ?) new content is Linux-related as it seems this time I'm more serious about Linux than ever before. I've got it installed on 3 computers now, but I only use it on 2(the third one is a test system). The end of the year is coming closer again. I remember a year ago I was packed up in a small room all week. Now the room isn't that much bigger, but at least it's part of a bigger house. Which makes a difference.

19 November - I've finally done the first Linux vs Windows test. You can find it in the new Linux section. I've compared installing Mandrake Linux 8.0 (I heard it has a very good installer) to my experiences of installing Windows. It was an almost complete success. Read the report to find out what happened...

18 November - Working ... working ... working. And not working too, in between. 9 November I've translated the OSS ( headers to Kylix, so now I can make sound in Linux! More even, my unit will probably be included in the official OSS release. Talk about cool. I intend to get some example programs in the Kylix section, but I still need to learn how OSS works myself. I'll probably also translate the Alsa headers at some point, but not for a while. And Kylix 2 is out ( I guess that means Borland hasn't given up on Linux yet, which is a good thing. Now all I need is Delphi 6 and maybe I can really start on cross-platform development. 24 October I've been working on VST plugins the past weeks. It seems a bit like returning to my origin (as a developer). VST plugins are what started my "career" as a programmer. But ... games are what started my intrest in programming. Still, it's fun doing plugins again. I'm also working a bit more with Linux again. Only problem : Kylix doesn't want to install on my (new) main Linux system. And of course the SB Audigy I got isn't supported yet (and I can't put the SBLive in with it because of the stupid Audigy drivers in Windows). I'll figure it all out ... sometime.

14 October - Not much going on right now. I've just decided to update the website a bit, add little things here and there. And of course I finally uploaded the game I programmed in Linux.

4 October - Well well, it's only been a month since I updated the site. It seems so much longer. But then again, so many things have happened. I won't do more than mention the horrible events in NYC and Washington DC, everyone knows about them. I started to learn playing bass guitar. It's great to notice the progress I'm making, and learning in a sort of organized manner is something I have missed since graduating. Other than that, I'm doing much the same things I always do : programming, reading, updating this website, ... I should find a sport to do, of course, but that's also always the same. And I had 2 weeks of vacation in September. Really nice. It's fun not to have to do anything at all.

3 September - Nothing much happening right now ... oh wait, I finished the Wasp VSTi. Now to find a little project to finish this week and I can start my vacation without troubles.

16 August - This diary thing doesn't appear to be working very well. Apparently it's been two months since I added anything. I'll have to rethink this concept I guess. 14 June Not really that much to tell today. I've moved to a different appartment 3 weeks ago and I'm really starting to feel at home here. So much more room than I used to have! I also translated an FFT function to Pascal, but it's quite a bit slower than the C++ version (1.5 times as slow).

5 June - So I've got Linux working on the laptop. Actually I've had it running for a couple of weeks now, and I love it. Of course things don't work exactly like in Windows and that can be frustrating at times. And while the applications I use are quite advanced, they do lack the occasional nice feature. On the other hand, They've also got some great features that Windows apps lack completely. And I've created my first Linux app using Kylix. It's a little game called Can't Stop, derived from the boardgame by Sid Sackson. Quite an addictive little game. I'll post it here as soon as I figure out what it needs exactly to run on any system. And I'll probably port it to Windows as soon as I get my hands on Delphi 6 (should be a simple recompile I think).

21 May - I've bought a 20GB harddisk for my laptop last week. There were three reasons for this : get more space, be able to put Linux on the laptop together with Windows 98 and finally, to get more speed. There's definitely more space, and I certainly have the impression that it's quite a bit faster. The only benchmark I ran with both the old and the new harddisk says it's doubled in speed. That's worth it, especially considering the fact that it was relatively cheap (about the cost of a 40GB normal harddisk). And I've also put Linux on it. The only trouble is I haven't been able to get my network card to work yet. So still trying...

15 May - Has it been that long already ? I must have really been busy these last few months. To be honest, quite a lot has happened. First of all, we went to the Frankfurter Musikmesse with Image-Line. Just visiting, we didn't have a stand. But we finally met some of the people we usually only email/icq/irc. We only really visited one hall though. That Musikmesse is huge ! After that, I finished another custom version of FruityTracks 2. This one is called X-Session Music St@tion and is distributed with the new cd of a fairly popular band here in Belgium. The idea is that people who buy the cd can also make a remix of the songs of this band. And then in April I spent just about all my time on the installer for the boxed version of Fruityloops 3.1. Not that it was so difficult, but there were always a few days between me finishing the installer and Cakewalk testing it. So I had to do a new version about once a week.

28 February - Not that much to tell today. There are some very tenacious bugs in the DXi host, so I'm working on solving them. Fruitytracks 2 should be released soon (already ???).

21 February - Well, the DXi host is finally done. And what do you know, there are the problems with VST plugins. Nothing too serious, although one is rather hard to find. Anyway, this has caused me to find a little bug in the VstXSynth example as well (go see the Delphi page for more info).

14 February - Just when I thought the DXi host was done, up pops the DreamStation DXi with crackles. Ah well, back to the debugger.

5 February - is going to disappear soon, because the people at namezero have decided it's not profitable to provide a free service (duh!). So for the moment this site is only available through Sorry for the inconvenience.

30 January - And another week of DX host programming. At least now I've got the new host up to the standard of last year's. Bummer though : it's starting to look as if the DXi support is going to have to be implemented inside FL, as the wrapper won't be able to support everything a DXi plugin asks for. On a brighter note, I'm really starting to work with Linux (not in Linux exactly, but still). I'm installing a Linux box as firewall and it seems to be going alright. At least the DHCP server works now (it didn't last time). And of course I can run the FreeCiv server on it :-)

23 January - Translating DX files ... translating DX files ... :-) It's easier than last time round (probably because I recognize a lot of things), but still quite tricky.

18 January - I've got a wonderful new plan. I was already planning to use Kylix to develop for both Windows and Linux. Now I've (re)discovered FreePascal. It should compile most Delphi code, so it might be feasible to use it for development on platforms that Kylix doesn't support. Of course this still has to be tested, but it might work. And if it does, that might mean I could develop apps for MacOS X as well. Which would be cool (not to mention a good reason to buy a mac). Anyway, time will tell.

15 January - Well, I'm working on a couple of different projects now, including FruityDJ and a new DirectX host for Fruityloops (incorporation of DX instrument support). I just fixed a bug in a pre-test version of FruityDJ that had me going crazy. I had "simplified" a formula, which of course was all wrong afterwards. The crazy thing was that the new formula was giving the results I thought it was supposed to give. Well, it works now.

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