9 December - Once again the year draws to an end. There isn't really much to say about that. People go out to shops and they buy stuff. Massively. It's a peculiar atmosphere and I have a hate/love relationship with it. Sometimes I can't stand the artificial nature of it, the way you're supposed to feel happy. Other times I enjoy going out and wade through the crowd ... feeling slightly superior for no valid reason at all. And after that ... the empty coldness of January and the promises of a new year.

6 August - What can I say? It hasn't been months since I updated this, it's been ages. Almost 7 months now and I've said nothing. So what happened in the meantime? I've had my birthday and I've gone to the Musikmesse in Frankfurt with Image-Line. My laptop hd broke so I had to replace it and I made my game computer into a real game computer.

I played a lot of concerts with Mayflower, some were good and some were bad, others were ok. The most fun concerts were probably in Herk-de-Stad and Beersel, both times in a castle. Nice experience, that. All in all I'm much more confident playing on a stage now, which is a good thing, but I have to practice more cause I'm starting to play more mistakes again.

16 January - It's a quiet evening here, nothing much going on, so I get a bit bored and decide to write something in this blog again. I suppose it is a blog, though I've never called it that before.

I finished Lord of the rings again (the book, not the movie), so now I can move on to other books.

It seems like a very long time since I last updated this and so it is. Two months have passed, and in that time I've gone to the U.S. and back (for the NAMM show in Anaheim) and I've seen 3 concerts (Monza, Mauro and Sophia). What's more, I got a new bassguitar, a lovely Cort, and played in Humo's Rock Rally (though the concert didn't go very well). What's far more important, I've had fun these past two months and I intend to let that last a while longer.

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