17 December - 3 more days till the LOTR marathon at the local cinema. I think I'm building up a LOTR overdose, with the Return of the king game and the extended versions of both Fellowship of the ring and The two towers, which I have seen alltogether too many times in the past month. Ah well, you gotta go crazy sometimes, might as well be because of something Tolkien wrote...

11 December
- Well, for those who are interested, I made it past 50000 words on 28 November. Since I didn't have any time to write anymore in November, I had to do the same thing I did last year: cut the novel short. I quickly wrote a very bad but also short ending and let it be. I'll probably never really finish it ... again. Although I'm going to read last year's novel again to see what I think of it now. As a parting thought to Nanowrimo 2003, I found it to be more difficult than the first time.

I also had 2 weeks vacation in which I managed to do almost no writing (the first week which was in November) and no Flash site design (the second week). I did get sick (not too much) and played LOTR - Return of the king. It's a very nice looking game, but very difficult until you run a trainer which offers invulnerability.

27 November -
The month is almost over and I'm at 45000 words in my novel. Somehow I can't seem to finish it. I'll just have to start writing and make sure I get 2000 words today. I know where the story is going, but the enthusiasm is slowly fading away, surpassed by the desire to play a few computer games. Ah well, I'll make it in the end.

17 November -
This weekend my nano novel didn't progress as well as I had hoped. On Friday I only wrote about 900 words, but it was enough to get me over 25000, halfway through. It wasn't easy to get there though and I was starting to think I wouldn't make it this year, through lack of inspiration. The story just didn't seem to go anywhere. But then, after I stopped writing, all of a sudden the rest of the story came to me. I now had a plot and was optimistic that it would be a lot easier now. Well, on Saturday I wrote zero words. Zilch, nada, nothing. It's a good thing I built up a bit of a lead last week, else I'd be behind now. Luckily yesterday I picked it back up and wrote a bit more than 1700 words, so I'm still on track to complete it on time. Now I only hope that my plot will go the distance and not suddenly stop at, say, 45000 words. Fingers crossed.

11 November - We're about a third of the way through this month and I've written about one third of 50000 words for my novel. Last weekend I didn't think I would be able to make it, having written only about 3000 words in 3 days (as opposed to 5000-6000). My inspiration was completely gone. The first part of the story was finished and I couldn't think of a good way to link it to the second (which was supposed to have been the first, but I'm not going to complain when a 12000 word scene pops up in my mind). Yesterday I broke the 18000 word barrier so the damage done by the weekend has been minimal. If I can get a few more 2000-2300 word days this week I'll be very happy.

30 October - Has it been that long already? Well, I'm thinking up plot twists for this year's NaNoWriMo novel. That's actually a bit of an overstatement. I've got an idea for the first few scenes, but nothing more. Ah well, I'm sure inspiration will come to me when I need it.

21 July - Now it's really been a long time since I updated this diary. I've lost intrest in this site since nothing new is really happening to it. I'll change all that when it moves to a server that me and some friends are going to put online, but until then I fear there will only be minor updates. Unless of course Steinberg decide to release VST 3, which would be a big deal.

22 May - Yippee, finally some life to this website. The new version of VST (2.3) is now out and I've of course translated it almost immediately. Now if only they would update ASIO some more :-)

16 May - My update schedule for this website seems to have degraded to about once a month (or less). This has to do with various things, one being the Mayflower website, the other that I don't really have anything new to report here. I've decided to make some sort of ASIO tutorial, but I don't know what form it will take yet, let alone when it'll be finished. Feel free to nag about it once in a while... Oh, and I changed the look of the website. Hope you like it. Hope I like it.

11 April - Is it April already ? Time flies when I update other websites. I went for a long and more or less purposeless walk through Hasselt today. I visited some shops, browsed them very leisurely because ... I don't have to work today! Yes, I'm sure you're as thrilled about this as I am.

26 February - This month has been a bit busy, as we're still working towards the release of Fruityloops 4.0. At least Dashboard is now about finished and I can work on the diagnostic tool. I think I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the vacation that follows after that. Now if only I could decide what to do with it, I'd really have something to look forward to. In the meantime I'm a tiny bit sick again. It's like my body hasn't made up its mind yet. Sometimes I feel a bit dizzy or have a headache, other moments I feel just fine and dandy. Let's hope that this doesn't prevent me from playing at the Mayflower concert tomorrow. I have the feeling it will be alright, but it can change quickly.

4 February - So it's been another month since I wrote anything here. I haven't had much to say lately. The past month has been very busy, as we're working towards releasing Fruityloops 4.0. It's fun to be able to do work, it's way better than being bored at any rate. And Dashboard is turning into something really nice. That's the main thing that got me started programming: being able to create something.

3 January - A new year is upon us and I had forgotten to wish you all the best for the coming time. This is a period in which people look back most of all, but luckily we also tend to look forward a bit. So what's going to change for me in the future ? I have no idea. I haven't thought up any good intentions for this year, bad habits that have to be replaced by good etc. So I'll just continue to try and be happy and not make others unhappy. How does that sound ? For previous years, click any of the following buttons. Be warned that this will take you to a different page so make up your mind before you click!

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